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Druk Air Flights to Bhutan from Dhaka

Drukair flights to Bhutan from India operates from Kolkatta to Paro daily. The flight flies from Netaji Subhash Chandrabose airport to Paro Internaional Airport. Both Bhutaairlines and Drukair Operates flights to Bhutan from Kolkatta.
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International (NSCBI) Airport, Kolkata (Dum Dum) Netaji. Subhas Chandra Bose International (NSCBI) Airport is an international airport located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

It is located 17 km away from the city and is also the 5th busiest airport in India. It was awarded as the Best Improved Airport in the Asia Pacific region by the Airport Council International in the year 2014.

Drukair Flight Schedule (2023/24)

Dhaka-ParoKB 127Mon,Thu,D=07:20 A=08:3015th Sep-31st Oct 2023
Paro-DhakaKB126Wed, SunD=16:20 A=17:3015th Sep-31st Oct 2023
Dhaka-ParoKB 127Mon,Thu,D=07:20 A=08:301st Nov-31st Nov 2023
Paro-DhakaKB126Wed, SunD=16:20 A=17:301st Nov-31st Nov 2023
Dhaka-ParoKB 127Mon,Thu,D=09:50 A=11:001st Jan-31st Jan 2024
Paro-DhakaKB126Wed, SunD=16:20 A=17:301st Jan-31st Jan 2024
Dhaka-ParoKB 127Mon,Thu,D=09:50 A=10:501st Feb-31st Feb 2024
Paro-DhakaKB126Wed, SunD=11:50 A=13:001st Feb-31st Feb 2024
Dhaka-ParoKB 127Mon,Thu,D=09:50 A=10:501st March-31st March 2024
Paro-DhakaKB126Wed, SunD=11:50 A=13:001st March-31st March 2024
Dhaka-ParoKB 127Mon,Thu,D=09:50 A=10:501st Apr-14th May 2024
Paro-DhakaKB126Wed, SunD=11:50 A=13:001st Apr-14th May 2024
Dhaka-ParoKB127Mon,WedD=07:20 A=08:3015th May-June 2024
Paro-DhakaKB126Wed,SatD=16:20 A=17:3015th May-June 2024

Bhutan Airline Flights do not operate flight from Dhaka

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