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Flights to Bhutan from USA

There are no direct flight from USA to Bhutan. You have to take connecting flights to India before flying into Bhutan. It’s a long flight to Bhutan from US via India. We have number of airports in India where our Bhutan Flights operates and if you are planning to fly from US this are the major airport you can check while booking your flights to Bhutan via India.

1. Indira Gangdhi International Airport(IGI) in Delhi.
2. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkatta
3. Bagdugra Airport in West Bengal
4. Guwahati Airport in Assam.

If you have any extended tour of India after Bhutan or before Bhutan than you can connect your flights to this airport in India.

One of the major airport that operates frequently to Bhutan is Delhi International Airport. Usually flights from Delhi to Paro are early morning flight and if you are comfortable you can check into Bhutan directly from USA without layover in India. Any major city like, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Los Angeles, Seattle has flights flying to Delhi, Bangkok or Singapore where you can connect to Bhutan.

Flights to Bhutan from New York (NYC)

There are number of flights flying non-stop from New York to Delhi. You can take flights from John F Kennedy International airport (JFK) or New York International Airport to Delhi/Kathmandu/Singapore or Bangkok and take the next day direct flight to Bhutan from Delhi. The best would be to take Delhi flight from New York. The 11582km flights will take 13 hours and cost about $750 for one way trip approximately.

Flights from Washington DC to Bhutan Paro International Airport (PBH)

There is no direct flight to Bhutan from Washington DC. You have to take flight from Washington to 9 Asian destinations where direct flight operates to Bhutan from this airport. The best route is to take flights from Washington Dulles International Airport to Delhi (DEL) Indira Gandhi International Airport and catch next day flight to Bhutan. Delhi (Del) Paro (PBH) Delhi(DEL) flights operates daily by both the local airlines of Bhutan, that is Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines.

Flights to Bhutan from Atlanta: Guide on how to fly from Atlanta (ATL) to Paro International Airport (PBH)

There is no direct flights from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to any of the 9 Asian destination that Bhutan flights operates. You may have to connect to Delhi or Bangkok for flights to Bhutan. Bangkok(BKK) to Paro flight will cost you $ 840 per person for round trip tickets.

Flying from Orlando to Bhutan can be tricky: Guide on how to fly from Orlando (MCO) to Paro (PBH)

Orlando International Airport, do not have any flights to Delhi,Kathmandu or Singapore.

You can connect your flight to Bangkok and take next day flight to Bhutan from Subharnabhumi International Airport. It is 31 hours and 30 minutes flights to BKK by Lufthansa Airlines. It is not direct flights. You may have to make stop over on few airports. You can check with your travel agent for best option.

Miami to Bhutan Flights: Detail Guide on how to fly from Miami (MIA) to Paro (PBH)?

There is no direct flights from Miami International Airport to any of the 9 Asian Destination that Bhutan Flights operates. The best connection would be to fly to Delhi or Kathmandu by any connecting flights and catch the flights to Bhutan.
Kathmandu Paro Kathmandu flight will be the shortest flights to take from any other International Airport. The fare is $405 per person for return tickets.

Flights to Bhutan from Houston: Flying from Houston (IAH) to Paro (PBH)

There are many airlines that operates from George Bush Intercontinental Airport to in Houston to Delhi/Kathmandu and Bangkok Airport. Take any of these destinations Airport to fly into Bhutan.

Flights to New Delhi for the connection to Paro Airport cost from around US$587 for the 19-hour flight, while connecting flights to Kathmandu take around 26 hours and cost from around US$ 497 per person for return tickets.

Can I take flights from Seattle(SEA) to Paro Bhutan(PBH)?

There is no direct Flights from Seatle-Tacoma International Airport to Bhutan. You have to take flights to India or Bangkok. The best is to take flights to Delhi from Seattle which take around 17 hours and cost from 553 US dollars, while flights to Kathmandu cost around 450 US dollars for the 22-hour flight.

Taking Flights from San Francisco (SFO) to Paro Bhutan(PBH):

There is direct flights to Delhi from San Francisco International Airport. San Francisco Airport which is located 21 kilometers to the south of downtown San Francisco, in San Mateo County of California. The flights from San Francisco to New Delhi in India take around 16 hours, and cost as much as US$ 900 per person for a one-way economy flight. Flights to Singapore Changi Airport, which take from 17 to 31 hours, can cost as little as just US$ 297 or as much as US$ 333 per person for a one-way economy flight. From Delhi and Singapore you can catch the flights to Bhutan.

Los Angeles to Bhutan Flights: how to fly from Los Angeles (LAX) to Paro (PBH)

From Los Angeles International Airport, known locally as LAX from the IATA code, Singapire is the only getaway airport to Paro International Airport. Losangeles have direct flight to Singapore which takes around 17 to 20 hours flights.

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