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Flights to Bhutan from ASIA

There are 9 Major airports in Asian country where Bhutan flights operates directly. They are Singapore, India and Thailand. Many Asian country like Philipines, China, Hongkong, Malayasia do not have direct flight to Bhutan. They have to take connecting flights to reach Bhutan. The best connecting route from this destination would be Kathmandu and Bangkok where Bhutan flights operates on daily basis.

Flights to Bhutan from Hong Kong

Many Hong Kong national travel Bhutan. As per the report by Tourism Council of Bhutan 1250 Hong Kong national travel Bhutan for leiure in 2019. Hong Kong do not have any direct flights to Bhutan. They take flights from Hong Kong International Airport to Bangkok or Kathmandu to Bhutan. The best route to take non-stop flights to Bhutan is from Kathmandu. It is just 50 minutes flights from Kathmandu Airport to Paro International Airport. The round trip cost USD 405 per person.

Flights to Bhutan from Philippines

Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA (IATA: MNL, ICAO: RPLL), also known as Manila International Airport or simply Manila Airport, is one of the two international airports serving the Metro Manila Area and the main international gateway to the Philippines. Philippines Manila Airport offers numerous flights to Bangkok. It takes 3hrs and 35 minutes non stop flight to Bangkok. From Bangkok you can take flights to Bhutan. Both local airlines operate daily flights to Bhutan from Subharnabhumi International Airport.

Flights to Bhutan from Mainland China

Since Bhutan do not have diplomatic relation with china, no airlines flies to Bhutan directly. You need to take connecting flights to reach Bhutan. There are many major Airport where flights operates to Bhutan directly. The closes airport you can take from mainland china is Bangkok, Singapore and Kathmandu. Flights from Bangkok just takes 3 hours and 35 minutes to Paro International Airport, and from Kathmandu to Paro Airport of about 50 minutes. If you want to combine Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan Tour our expertise will advice you on how to book your amazing Himalayan Country Tour. In 2019 number of Chinese who visited Bhutan was 7353 which made second largest tourist visiting Bhutan and American toping the number one tourist visiting Bhutan which numbered to 10602.

Flights to Bhutan from Malaysia

As there are no direct flights from Malaysia Kulumpur to Bhutan but there are lots of easy option for you to take flights to Bhutan. Kulaumpur offer lots of flights to Singapore and Bangkok. From Singapore it takes 5 hours to Bhutan and from Bangkok just about 3 hours 35 minutes to Paro International Airport. You can book your trip to Bhutan from Whichever Airport you feel comfortable. You can also combine Bhutan tour with Tibet and Nepal. Our expertise will advice you on how to book Nepal,Tibet and Bhutan Tour with simple steps. 2508 Malaysian national travel Bhutan in 2019 as per the Tourism Council of Bhutan released this year.

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