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Dur Hot Spring Trek

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Dur Hot Spring Trek is one of the beautiful trek in Bhutan. It is the oldest route to Majestic Mt. Gangkar Puensum through several Hot spring where locals use to visit. This is 16 days Bhutan Trip combined with cultural tour. Dur Hot Spring Trek in Bhutan Tour Dates: Our meticulously... More

Dur Hot Spring Trek is one of the beautiful trek in Bhutan. It is the oldest route to Majestic Mt. Gangkar Puensum through several Hot spring where locals use to visit. This is 16 days Bhutan Trip combined with cultural tour.

Dur Hot Spring Trek in Bhutan Tour Dates:

Our meticulously crafted Bhutan Trekking tours are the result of our expert team’s extensive experience in organizing hundreds of trekking expeditions. With a strong focus on flexibility, we tailor each trek to match our clients’ preferences. Whether it’s the dates, timings, or specific locations, we customize the itineraries to ensure our guests can indulge in activities. Embrace the adventure of Bhutan Trekking, available all year round for an unforgettable experience.


We offer  accommodation options in Bhutan, including 3, 4, and 5-star hotels, catering to your specific preferences and requirements.

Dur Hot Spring Trek cost during Peak Seasons. (March, April, May, September )

Starting at just US$10,540.00 per person.  The tour cost may vary depending on the group size and number of individuals traveling together.

Discount Policies:

  • A GROUP SIZE DISCOUNT of 50% on minimum daily package shall be given to one person in a group of 11 people. 100% discount shall be given to one member in a group exceeding 16 persons.
  • A 50% DURATION DISCOUNT on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FEE shall be provided after the 8th night and 100% discount on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FEE shall be provided after 14th night.
  • 100% SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FEE FREE ZONE DISCOUNT shall be provided on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FEE on first and/or last night for groups with night halt in Phuntsholing, Sarpang and Samdrup Jongkhar on arrival and/or departure

Please Note: Children below 5 years will not be eligible for GROUP SIZE DISCOUNTS, DURATION DISCOUNTS and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FEE FREE ZONE DISCOUNT and All Children and Students will not be eligible for DURATION DISCOUNTS

12 Days Hiking in Bhutan. Hotels used:

Thimphu – Seven Suites

Paro –Tshongdu Boutique

Punakha – The Four Boutique


Note: Hotels will be booked upon availability. But if the recommended hotels are not available, we will try our best to book similar type of hotels in the region based on recommendation by our valued clients.

Guide & Driver used:

Guide – Mr. Tenzin Choedra            Contact Number – +971 17500225

Driver – Mr. Pema Tashi                   Contact Number – +971 77773477

Vehicle used:

1 Pax – 3 Pax: SUV: Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Santa Fee, Toyota Prado/ Similar

4 Pax – 8 Pax: Mini Bus: Hyundai H1/ Toyota Hiace Bus/ Similar

10 Pax – 21 Pax:  Tour Bus: Toyota Coaster Bus/ Similar

Bhutan Visa:

Your visa must be processed by a licensed Bhutanese tour operator as it will be verified by the Tourism council of Bhutan (TCB) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • You have to provide your passport copy, proof of occupation and address to your respective tour operator who will process your visa online directly when the full portion of your tour payment is wire transferred and deposited in the TCB account along with a visa fee of USD 40 apart from the fee mentioned above to Tourism Council of Bhutan.
  • Then your visa approval letter will be sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs which takes 72 hours to process the visa.
  • And after the approval, you will be provided with a visa clearance letter which has to be shown at the port of entry. Then the visa will be stamped on your passport.
  • Your visa will be provided as per your exact number of days in Bhutan and if you want to extend your stay, you can ask you tour operator to do so with extra tariff.


Bhutan is not directly accessible by flights from USA, Canada, and European nations. If you plan to travel to Bhutan from these countries, you’ll need to connect through major international airports such as Delhi/Kolkata in India, Kathmandu in Nepal, Singapore, or Bangkok, before reaching Bhutan.

Direct flights to Bhutan:

  1. Flights to Bhutan from Delhi.

On a direct flight, it takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach Bhutan from Delhi.

  1. Flights to Bhutan from Kolkata.

It takes about an hour to reach Paro airport from Kolkata.

  1. Flights to Bhutan from Guwahati.

It takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Bhutan from Guwahati including transfers. But the quickest flight to Bhutan from Guwahati is the direct flight which takes about 50 minutes to reach the Paro Airport.

  1. Flights to Bhutan from Bagdogra.

It takes just 1 hour to fly to Paro from Bagdogra by flight. You can take a direct flight to Paro from Bagdogra airport.

  1. Flights to Bhutan from Singapore.
  1. Flights to Bhutan from Bangkok.
  1. Flights to Bhutan from Kathmandu.


  • Dur Hot spring trek is one of the beautiful trek in Bhutan. It is the oldest route to Majestic Mt. Gangkar Puensum through several Hot spring where locals use to visit. This is 16 days Bhutan Trip combined with cultural tour.


Day 01. Arrival at Paro via Bhutanairlines or Drukair Paro:
Day 01. Arrival at Paro via Bhutanairlines or Drukair Paro:

While taking your flights to Bhutan from any airport donot foregt to get the printed Bhutan Visa before you board the plane to Bhutan. You will experience a bumpy ride to Bhutan followed by the view of Mighty Himalayas mountains. If you are taking flights from Delhi take the left side of the plane to views Mt. Everest, Kanchen junga and other Himalayan peaks including the sacred Jhomolhari and Mt. Jichu drakey in Bhutan. Upon arrival our representative will take you to Hotel. After lunch visit Drugyel Dzong also called victory Dzong followed by 6th Century old Kyichu monastery. Overnight at hotel.

Day 02. Paro Tiger Nest Hike:
Day 02. Paro Tiger Nest Hike:

Drive the winding road northwest up the Pachu to the base camp of Tiger Nest Temple. Hike the most famous monastery which takes about 3 hours uphill hike through pinewood forest. The temple is secret for all Buddhist followers. After lunch visit Paro Dzong followed by wooden bridge filled with flutering prayer flags. Over night at Hotel.

Day 03. Paro – Thimphu:
Day 03. Paro – Thimphu:

Your Bhutan Trip from Paro to thimphu begins with visit to the Tamchog Monastery across the river followed by largest standing Bhudha Statue over looking Thimphu valley. The statue is 150feet tall built in 2006. Visit simply Bhutan museam where you get the opportunity to shoot the archery the national game of Bhutan. In this Bhutan Trip you also visit Fold heritage museam and 13 Arts and Craft School.

After lunch visit the memorial chhorten. Here the faithful circumambulate the shrine dedicated to the late King. Overnight in hotel.

Day 04. Thimphu – Punakha:
Day 04. Thimphu – Punakha:

After breakfast 45 minutes drive will take you to Dochula Pass. The pass is about 3100m above sea level. The pass is covered with 108 stupas to commemorate te victory over the insurgent in 2003. On a clear day you can see the panaromic view of the Himalayas and Gasa Dzong remotely located in the middle of the forest.

Punakha is the winter residence of Je Khenpo and old capital of Bhutan.

Visit Punakha Dzong built in 1637 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal and is situated between Pho Chu (Male river) and Mo Chu (Female river). Overnight in Hotel.

Day 05. Bhutan Trip from Punakha to Bumthang via Trongsa:
Day 05. Bhutan Trip from Punakha to Bumthang via Trongsa:

We start early today. After breakfast drive to Bumthang. On the way, stop a while to view Chime Lhakhang, which was built by Lama Drukpa Kuenley. He subdued the demons with his “ Magical Thunder bolt”. The Temple is also known as “the Temple of Fertility”. Enroute sightseeing in the valley of Wangdiphodrang, it includes: visit to Wangdiphodrang Dzong (from outside) built in 1638. Legend relates that as the people were searching for the site of the Dzong, four ravens were seen flying away in four directions. This was considered auspicious sign, representing the spread of religion to the four points of the compass. The Dzong is situated at the confluence of Mo Chu and Tang Chu rivers. Lunch at Trongsa. After lunch, visit Trongsa Dzong, the most impressive dzong in Bhutan, built in its present form in 1644 by Chogyal Minjur Tempa, the official who was sent by Shabdrung to unify eastern Bhutan and enlarged at the end of the 17th century by Desi Tenzin Rabgay. Trongsa Dzong is the ancestral home of the present Royal Family and first two hereditary kings ruled Bhutan from this Dzong. Then Visit Ta Dzong, an ancient watch tower. The chapel inside the Ta Dzong is said to be dedicated to the Trongsa Penlop Jigme Namgyal and drive to Bumthang. Over night in Hotel.

Day 06. Bumthang Sightseeing:
Day 06. Bumthang Sightseeing:

Bumthang is the historic district of Bhutan considering the many ancient monastery and secret site is considered. Bumthang Dzongkhag consists of four main valleys, Ura, Chumey, Tang and Choekhor. Choekhor is the largest of the four and is widely considered as 'Bumthang

Visit Jakar Dzong, which literally means “The Castle of White Bird”. The current structure was built in 1667 and is said to be the largest Dzong in Bhutan and then visit Lamey Goemba, a large palace and monastery built in 18th century by Dasho Phuntsho Wangdi. Visit Jambay Lhakhang said to have been built by King Srongsen Gampo of Tibet in the year 659 on the same day as Kichu Lhakhang in Paro. The temple was visited by Guru Rimpoche during his visit to Bumthang and was renovated by Sindhu Raja after Guru Rimpoche restored his life force. Under the temple is said to be a lake in which Guru Rimpoche hid several Terma. In October one of the most spectacular festival, “Jambay Lhakhang Drup” is staged here. After lunch, Visit Chakhar (Iron Castle) Lhakhang, it is the site of the palace of the Indian King, the Sindhu Raja who invited Guru Rimpoche to Bumthang. The Original palace was made of Iron and hence the name Chakhar. The saint Dorji Lingpa built the Current building in 14th century. Its correct name is Dechen Phodrang. We then visit Kurjey Lhakhang that is named after body print of Guru Rimpoche, built in 1652 by Minjur Tempa. Visit Tamshing Lhakhang (Temple of the good message), established in 1501 by Pema Lingpa and is the most important Nyingmapa temple in the kingdom.

Dur Hot Spring Trek Begins

Day 07. Bumthang – Gorsum:

(Distance 18 Km, about 6- 7 Hrs) After breakfast, the transport will reach you up to the trek point just below Kurje Lhakhang, one of the most renowned temples. The Trek route leads you along the Chamkhar Chu, a river known for its richness in Trout. The Trek trail for Bumthang to Gorsum is rather gradual. Over night in Camp.

Day 08. Gorsum – Lungsum:

Distance 12 Km, about 5 hrs. Alt. 3160 Meters. Today you will be walking through dense forests of Spruce, hemlock, Cypress, Juniper and Maples. The Trail is more or less muddy and ascends gradually till you reach to your campsite. Over night in Camp.

Day 09. Lungsum – Tshochenchen:

Distance 15 Km, 6-7 hrs. Alt. 3100 m. The vegetation is dense from Tshochenchen all the way up hill to the Julila Pass, which is about 4700 m. The vegetation from Lungsun to Tshochenchen is more or less the same till you reach near to your campsite. The camp will be above tree line. Over night in camp.

Day 10. Tshochenchen – Dur Tshachu:

Distance 17 Km. About 7 hrs. Alt. 3400 m. The Trek from Tshochenchen is uphill till you reach the Julila Pass at about 3400 m. From here if the weather is clear, surrounding mountains can be viewed. After crossing the pass, the Trek trail descends till you reach the campsite. Musk deer, herds of Blue sheep and Himalayan Beers may be seen enroute. Over night in camp.

Day 11. Dur Tsachu (Halt):

After a late breakfast, relax in the hot spring or hike in and around the camp. Over night in Camp.

Day 12. Dur Tsachu – Tshochenchen:

Distance 17 km, about 7 hrs. Alt. 3100 M. The Trek trail from Dur Tsachu is uphill till Julila. After crossing the pass the trail descends till you reach the campsite. Over night in Camp.

Day 13. Tshochenchen – Gorsum:

Distance 17 km. about 9 hrs. Alt.3120 m. Today the trek begins early, as the trail is long. The trail drops gradually down for about 2 hrs till you reach campsite. Over night in Camp.

Day 14. Gorsum – Bumthang:

From Gorsum, descend down hill till you cross the Dur Village bridge then follow the new motor road till you meet up with transport. After lunch, Leisure time. Over night at the Lodge.

Day 15. Bumthang – Paro Via domestic flight:

Take domestic flights from Bumthang to Paro. The flight is about 25 minutes and most scenic flights. Upon arrival our guide and driver will be there to receive you. If time permit we shall go to chelela day excursion the highest roadpoint. From here you can view the small haa district. Over night at Paro.

Day 16. Departure:

Early Morning, drive to Paro airport and farewell.


  • 1. All Meals - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  • 2. All entrance fee to visit special sights and heritages
  • 3. All accommodations in Bhutan
  • 4. All Transportation within Bhutan
  • 5. Professional English speaking guide
  • 6. Complementary supply of Mineral Water
  • 7. Sim-card & internet connection for your phone
  • 8. Trekking materials
  • 1. Flight Fare to Bhutan
  • 2. Tips & gratuity for guide & drivers
  • 3.Bills of personal nature like shopping or any drinks apart from the mentioned in the package.
  • 4. Fare for Domestic Fligh

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